Journal Your Journey

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This complete guide to fertility meditation and journaling will prepare you fully to become pregnant, and welcome your soul baby into the world.

This incredible 28-day journey is a COMPLETE guide to preparing your mind, body, and soul for conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

Covering in depth every aspect which can affect your fertility and ability to conceive; this incredible guide will carry you step-by-step through a beautiful meditation and journaling journey to meeting your baby.

- If you have felt overwhelmed with the practicalities of conception.

- If you have felt the joy drained from the process.

- If you are unsure if parenting is the right choice for you.

- If you have become dissociated from your own body.

- If you feel there has to be more to it than regimented and clinical sex.

- If you are ready for a more holistic approach to conception.

- If you have felt side-lined in your own conception journey.

- If you are unsure how to communicate with your partner about conception.

- If you have felt traumatised or overwhelmed by traditional approaches.

- If you are ready for a conscious conception journey.

This guide is for you.


- 32 page PDF document

- Complete instructions for undertaking this journey

- 28 daily prompts to help you dive deep into your psyche

- 28 journaling pages for you to explore your experiences

This meditation and journaling journey is ideal for anyone looking to conceive a baby, or deciding whether a conception journey is right for them.

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Journal Your Journey

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I want this!